Package Description


  • You will get the prefix [Shogun] in front of your name.
  • You will get the prefix [IV] in front of your name in the hub.
  • Set up to 20 sethomes, default amount of sethomes is 1.
  • Access to enter the VIP shop and other VIP areas.
  • 20 ah slots.
  • 4 Vault lines.
  • The ability to mine spawners (All spawners) with silktoutch.
  • Access to type from discord server to the server chat. 
  • Ability to talk with color in chat.
  • Ability to create color signs.
  • Ability to create magic signs.
  • Ability to do /back to teleport to last known location.


  • /ah to sell items in the Auction House.
  • /FL or /Flashlight to get  night vision. 
  • /Craft or /Workbench - to open a crafting table wherever and whenever.
  • /pv - to open a private playervault.
  • /enderchest or /ec - to open enderchest wherever you are.
  • /hat - you can put all types of glass blocks, banners and scaffolding on your head.
  • /nick - to change your name.
  • /sell hand - to sell what you are holding in you hand.
  • /sell all - to sell all items of the type you are holding from your inventory.
  • /kit color - to get a book with color codes and other cosmetic
  • /back
  • /suicide